A Team of Professionals Who Care

Whether it is long-term care, short-term rehabilitative care, behavioral care or respite care, Transitional Care Center Capitol City is devoted to helping individuals who have suffered a medical event. Our team will transition the resident to their highest level of physical and psychological functioning.

We provide personalized care to help every individual reach their maximum potential in an encouraging, positive, and dignified environment. Our facility is open 24-hours to allow families to visit their loved ones and encourage their recovery and progress.

Specialized Care for Specialized Recovery


Stroke Recovery

Getting the right care is often a crucial first step in the ease in which you transition back to normal life.


Comprehensive Wound Care

Complex wounds can be tricky to deal with on your own sometimes leading to even worse situations.


Pulmonary Recovery

Dealing with a breathing issue can be concerning. We can help you rest easy with around the clock monitoring.


Congestive Heart Failure

Keeping a close eye on you after dealing with congesitve heart failure assures that everything is healing correctly.


In-House Hemodialysis

Our facility is one of few places with an in-house dialysis department easing the burden of transporting.


Tracheostomy Care

Assisting in fighting the risk of infection and mointoring breathing are our top priority.


Live Well @ Home


Transitional Care Center